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The album WOUNDS is about the connection of the spirit and the heritage.

The album HORIZON is about individuality and the freedom of spirit.

The album, called "THE DEMO VERSIONS", contains new first versions of songs for future albums.

The album Offering is about people and themes that are important to me.

The Collective album is a mosaic of musical ideas created in collaboration with several special guests.

The album BRIDGES reaffirms that music, like all art, knows no borders.

The album FORCES captures the magic that is created when at the same time several musicians work together on the same musical inspiration.

The album Dualities was born out of the goal to develop various versions of the central musical idea.

The album "Invisible Torrent" is dedicated to the creative process when the music materializes on its own, springing out of those who distill it through their own essence, without prior conceptualization or planning.

The album REVIVAL features international singers performing songs they’ve chosen from 130 tunes released so far, but with existing lyrics translated from Macedonian into one of the world languages.

For various reasons, there are versions of my songs that could not be included in past albums but instead remained only in my archives. Listeners now have a chance to access these songs, as well as others that have never been released, on the new album ORPHANS'.

The Best Of Kovaceski Music (Compilation Album)


Anastasia - Klime Kovaceski's band from the late 80's.

The Fall of Byzantium - Klime Kovaceski's band from the early 80's.